Whether from a dog bite, boating accident, motor vehicle accident, or slip and fall, if you've been injured in Ontario, personal injury laws should be at the top of your list of things to investigate, especially if you believe someone else is to blame.

If your accident was recent, you will want to move quickly to preserve evidence.  Here are a few tips to follow after an accident that injures you:

  1. Be sure to write down everything you can remember about how the injury occurred;
  2. Be sure to get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the incident;
  3. Be sure to report the incident to the proper authorities;
  4. Be sure to take pictures of any visible injuries to yourself or others and any damages to your property or the location of your slip and fall;
  5. Be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a valid claim against the person who injured you before making any statements, written or verbal, to insurance company representatives; and
  6. Be sure to follow Ontario personal injury laws regarding automobile accidents or other injury causing incidents.

Automobile Accident Ontario is considered a no-fault state, which means each person’s own car insurance will pay for injuries and damages resulting from an accident, no matter who was at fault.  Regardless of who is at fault, you are entitled to Accident Benefits under your insurance policy.

In Ontario, personal injury lawyers are permitted to take cases on contingency, which means that the lawyer will take a percentage of any proceeds you collect rather than upfront fees.  This method helps to ensure that the lawyer be financially motivated to take solid cases and will be frank with you about your ability to file claim with a strong likelihood of success.

The limitation period, often referred to as a statute of limitations, is a deadline within which to file a personal injury lawsuit.  In Ontario, the standard limitation period is two years from the date of the injury.  If you fail to sue within this time, you right to sue is lost; however, there are situations where the standard limitation periods do not apply and the time limit may be even shorter.  Accordingly, avoid hestitation and consult a lawyer, such as DH Law, today.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and at DH Law, we endeavor to get the best settlement for our clients.

At our law firm, your matter will never be shuffled from lawyer to lawyer, it will stay with the same lawyer and law clerk from start to finish.


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